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Recently, Global Web Index stated that 87% of internet users now own smartphones. Indeed, in Asia Pacific, Middle East/Africa and Latin America. Digital consumers are more likely to own a smartphone than a Desktop. As per the prediction, Desktop advertising is expected to now decrease at the rate of, “0.9% in 2016, 0.4% in 2017 and 6% in 2018. 

  • Create a perfect mobile-optimized experience for our audience.
  • Our PPC landing pages must be responsive. And, we need a gripping value proposition, based on the user intent of our mobile visitors.
  • If our mobile clicks are good, but conversions are poor, then we most likely need to fix your landing page and its content that should relevant to our targeted keywords and ad copies.
  • Video ads are comparatively cheaper than search ads, so video ads provide a great opportunity for businesses to connect with potential customers with multiple targeting options with landing page. Google provides integration between our video campaign and Ads. These improve conversions for PPC ads.
  • YouTube bumper 6 seconds video ad plays before, during, or after another video on either YouTube or the Google Display Network, depending on network settings. The video ad is 6 seconds or less, and viewers do not have the option to skip your ad. It’s short and reach to the users quickly.
  • Google made it possible for all advertisers to run native GMail ads directly from AdWords. These ads are considered part of the Display Network and feature a great variety of rich and colorful ads that allow businesses to showcase specific products, deals, or services.
  • Google released Shopping Remarketing Lists. Although remarketing lists are already an option for search and display campaigns, they are brand new to the shopping campaign type. It allows us to specifically target users that are considered to be valuable.
  • Customize ads with real-time updates that displays real-time data including product availability, inventory, dates and times. Live data is a huge trend for 2017 so expect this to be a big part of PPC.

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